Attributes of a Princess is a children’s book listing virtues from A to Z. This beautiful book is sure to please little princesses, as well as, their mothers and grandmothers. Princess Little Bit and Princess Sweet Pea exhibit quality character traits that are clearly defined and easy to understand.  Each trait is written to teach little princesses how to apply these character traits in their relationships, assuring confident and courageous behaviors.

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  1. Darla Rowton


    Wow! From first glance, this book danced off the page and caught my attention. Simply elegant pages that filled my mind with thoughts of princess and fairy tale. The illustrations are perfectly unique and whimsical in a way that I haven’t felt captured before. The combination of fantasy and education collide flawlessly in this book to create a work of imagination and learning that will be sure to captivate many little ones for years to come. As a parent of little girls I feel refreshed to have come across a book that has clearly been woven together with thoughtfulness and love for the princesses in my life. Cannot wait to share this book with my daughters!

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