Pole Bean Hideaway

Pole Bean Hideaway


I saw this idea on Pinterest and I thought that it was just darling! I wanted one for my granddaughter to play in when she comes to visit this summer.

I used eight green poles that were six feet long, I bought these at Home Depot in the garden center. Next time, I will use 8 foot posts, as I want it to be a bit bigger.

Using twine, tie the tops of the posts together, creating a tee pee.

Again, using the twine, tie around each post, connecting them.  I did four rows, three of them I tied the twine all the way around.  I left a gap in the bottom row to leave an opening, so that the kids can crawl inside.  The green beans will grow up onto these strings and create a “wall.”

Then, I planted pole beans at the base of each post and between each post, so that the “walls” of the tee pee would be thicker.

I’m so excited to see this come together.  I know that my granddaughter will really enjoy it.


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